29976_123735274327414_7512277_nOne of the greatest activities as a visitor in Clinton County is to hop in your car with the camera and drive around the less traveled roads to see barns and turn of the century houses that have graced the covers of numerous magazines and books.

If you’re into stargazing and/or camping out, drive no farther than Camp Collum.  A quiet prairie area where one can look at the various stars and constellations.

If history is an interest, then you will enjoy our local museums.  Whether it is the Museum located in “Old Stoney” or one of the smaller museums sprinkled throughout the county, you will have a greater love for where we came from almost two centuries ago and what was done to prepare for our arrival into the 21st century.

When you visit us in the summer, plan your trips around the various festivals in FrankfortColfax, Michigantown, Mulberry, Rossville, and Kirklin.  These festivals celebrate the various cultures and lifestyles of yesteryear and the present.  If you time it right, you might be able to witness one of the combine derbies, a truly unique sight.