Things To Do In Clinton County

Our quiet county offers a pleasant diversion for travelers seeking the road less traveled.  We’re proud of our county, and we hope that you will take the opportunity to experience all that Clinton County, Indiana has to offer.  Whether you are searching for business or pleasure, you’ll find it in here.

Our local lodging options offer a wide variety of choices.  You can choose from several local motels and hotels here, in Clinton County.  Or, you can be pampered in a charming Bed and Breakfast that has a focus on your nutrition and wellness.  You can also choose to “rough it” and stay at a campground that has a beautiful telescope on site to observe the stars.

Our dining establishments offer diverse cuisine as well.  You will find many well known restaurants in Frankfort as well as family owned eateries that bring about the uniqueness that locals for decades have known about and wish to share with you.

There are a multitude of things to do in Clinton County.  We suggest grabbing a pad and paper, and plan your activities before you arrive here.  If you have questions, please give us a call at (765) 654-5507 or use our contact form to reach us by email.