No need to head off to Lafayette or Indianapolis for meals.  We have everything you would ever need right here in the County. Whether you want a huge breakfast at a railroad themed diner,  lunch while taking a visual trip thru our schools history,  or a meal from one of the national chains, we have it all right here.  We even have a coffee shop that many say rivals another well known national Seattle based coffee house at a more economical price.

Some Great Restaurants to Try:


2432 East Wabash Street

Frankfort, IN 46041

(765) 659-2909


12 E Washington St

Frankfort, Indiana 46041


Dairy Queen

1958 E Wabash St

Frankfort, Indiana 46041


Downtown Diner

253 N Columbia St

Frankfort, IN 46041


Flavors Coffee House and Deli

63 East Clinton St.

Frankfort, IN 46041

(765) 659-2814

Hoops Sports Bar and Grill

1601 Rossville Ave.

Frankfort, In 46041


Kentucky Fried Chicken

1709 East Wabash Street

Frankfort, IN 46041

(765) 654-7112

Main Street Pub & Eatery

58 North Main Street

Frankfort, IN 46041

(765) 654-4702

Pepe’s of Frankfort

59 East Clinton Street

Frankfort, IN 46041

(765) 654-9654

Pizza Hut

Jason Grabler

1503 South Wabash Street

Frankfort, IN 46041

(765) 654-8748

The Angry Donkey (Four Y’s Inc)

Stacy Dunn – Owner

230 Main St

Michigantown, In 46057

(765) 249-5344