Welcome to the Iron Block Co-Working Studio

This is a place where your dreams begin to take flight and with a little help from your friends can become a reality. This is a place designed and designated for you, the entrepreneur who understands that you are always not understood. This is a place where no idea or dream is too crazy or out of reach. This is a place of imagination and creativity where you will find help and hope in setting you’re idea into motion. We want to help you set a strong foundation for the future while building a network of opportunities today.

So Much History Combined With So Much Potential

iron3The Iron Block was built in 1876 for Hiram H. Bradly (1828-1894), Joseph Etherton Hillis (1840-1904) and Elwood Avery (1845-1922). Bradly’s drug store occupied the south storefront while Hillis & Avery’s grocery store occupied the north storefront. The Iron Block building as it was named in 1876 was the largest metal-fronted building built in Frankfort’s downtown during the nineteenth century.

The Clinton County Chamber of Commerce purchased the building in February of 2016 with the vision of bringing back life to a highly visible corner of our county seat and save a building doomed for demolition due to the neglect of care over the years. The original name of the building “Iron Block” was removed from its facade sometime during the 1920’s. The building has been home to many businesses including Freedman’s which had been a long time staple in downtown Frankfort’s thriving retail era.

Here We Grow Together

It is the vision of the Clinton County Chamber to completely rehab the Iron Block and restore its historic significance to our downtown. It is also the vision of the Chamber to move beyond mere brick and mortar to see the human impact the Iron Block Co-working Studio can make in the lives of entrepreneur’s,  locally and regionally, in offering them space to grow their business idea’s. There are over forty Co-working facilities now in the state of Indiana with over 2,000 nationwide.  The Co-working idea is not new in fact artist around the world have been modeling this same concept since the 1600’s. Recently there has been a surge of interest in sharing space to save money and also share ideas regarding business and innovation. The Iron Block Co-working Studio is a place where people from all ages and backgrounds can affordably come to foster and grow their business.

Proverbs 27:17 says that “Iron sharpens iron so a friend sharpens another friend”.   It is the Iron Block’s desire to give opportunity to all who seek to be sharpened as well as allowing folks to use their skills and talents to sharpen others.

It’s Time To Take Your Next Step

If you are interested in growing your business or simply exploring an idea you have for a business the Iron Block is the right place for you. We look forward to serving you and offering you a chance to build a foundation for your idea or business that will be as strong as iron. We invite you to join us and see for yourself the potential and possibilities waiting.