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Clinton County Business Community

The businesses and organizations within Clinton County, Indiana, depend on their local communities — and the citizens within those communities — to survive and thrive. Sourcing local business is not just a trend or practice that has come to light because of the pandemic; it’s also an important step toward sustainable business and the overall health of the county’s economic wellbeing. Sustainable business development and a sustainable economy depend on balancing sales with the ability to maintain growth.

Your support of Clinton County’s local economy fosters a sense of community and pride when you source local businesses and support the organizations within our county. Whether that means buying your groceries locally or shopping for birthday presents at a brick and mortar in one of our towns instead of traveling outside of county lines — every penny counts and helps sustain our local purveyors.

Over the years, local support of our businesses and organizations has made a significant, positive impact on our communities. We have seen the impact that local investment has had on various sectors of the economy, including our education system, amenities, and beyond.  It is local, small business that supports youth sports, local not for profits, and provide the community with much needed employment opportunities for residents.  Thank you for thinking global and shopping local in Clinton County!

Clinton County Industry

Clinton County is home to one of the most varied Industrial Parks in the Midwest.  It is residence to the largest snack food manufacturing facility in the world, Frito Lay.  One can cruise over to Zachary Confections and visit a large volume producer of delicious confections.  Then, travel across US 28 to see NHK, a top-rated supplier to Subaru of America and Toyota.  A hop, skip and jump from there is one of the largest warehouses in the country, ConAgra.  At 1.6 million sq ft, the perimeter of the building alone is 1.1 mile and engineered with the curvature of the Earth in mind.  All together the Clinton County Industrial Park hosts 21 partners in the businesses of automotive suppliers, agribusiness, building materials, industrial fasteners, and more.    

The Frankfort Industrial Park (F.I.P.) was started back in the 1950’s when a group of community minded residents pooled resources together to purchase land and recruited the first industry to the industrial park. The F.I.P continues to grow with 25 industries calling Frankfort home, ranging from the world’s largest salty food production facility, Frito Lay to Fontana Fasteners having its national headquarters in Clinton County. The park is much diversified with food processing, automotive, and consumer goods being a small example of the manufacturing sectors represented.

The Frankfort Industrial Park is one the largest contiguous parks 

in central Indiana with over 1,000 acres in development and 1,000 ready to be developed. Rail access is available with spur sites off the Norfolk Southern and CSX lines. State Highway 28, a four-lane highway, runs through the industrial park that extends to Interstate 65 with easy access to Chicago, Indianapolis and Lafayette, Indiana. In addition, Montgomery Aviation, which operates the Clinton County Municipal Airport, recently expanded the runway to 5,000 feet in length to facilitate the corporate jets of our local manufactures to fly directly into the industrial community.

The Frankfort Industrial is expanding to the west. Water and wastewater have been run to the US 28 and I-65 interchange opening opportunities in Frankfort/Clinton County.

Clinton County Labor & Workforce

Clinton County has a well-rounded community of workers who are more than eager to not only live, but work within the communities in which they reside. We have a great influx from counties that surround Clinton County, an incredible proof of positivity here. Clinton County is where you want to build your next manufacturing facility. 

The regional workforce is ready to engage with your organization. Skillsets offered by Clinton County’s Regional Workforce includes production, assembly, general labor, customer service, administrative, nursing, supervision, welders, truck drivers, food and so much more.

Clinton County produces food for the world, automotive supplies, sporting goods, industrial construction supplies, residential construction supplies, and the list can go on and on for months. Our regional and skilled workers take pride in what they do. It shows in our products that are being produced. The product made in Clinton County is distributed across the country, thanks to a readily available network of Interstate and State Highways. Clinton County is a hidden gem in Indiana, not only do we our State Highways and the Interstate readily available to factories, but we also have our regional railway lines that stretch all along our county and the surrounding counties. 

Region Workforce

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