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Welcome to Clinton County, IN!

I was once asked, why Indiana? The full context of the question was during a conversation regarding where a person chooses to live. I had shared that I was the son of a pipefitter/welder and we traveled all over the country because of dad’s work. We enjoyed the warmth of the south to the crisp mountain air of the west and everywhere in between. When I left home the sky was the limit regarding where I would eventually call home. After traveling the country with a music group and spending over two years on the road, I was introduced to Indiana. No mountains, no oceans, no incredible entertainment venues unless you are a race enthusiast, thus the question, why Indiana? The quick and simple answer is the people. Not to be sappy or corny, which Indiana has plenty of, corn that is, I am quite sincere when I say the good folks of the Hoosier state is the best attraction.

Maybe it is because Indiana is the heart of our great country or maybe it is all that corn bending to the prairie winds that create such a strong work ethic, because the chores on the farm are never done. Regardless of what makes the people great, it is the people of Indiana that makes Indiana great. Snuggled right in the middle of all this greatness is Clinton County.

Like Indiana it is the people of Clinton County that attract so many like me to live, work and play here. Clinton County and the County Seat Frankfort offers outstanding opportunities in education, careers and continues to grow the type of amenities that draw people to call this place home. As you peruse the next several pages of this community profile, I pray you are inspired by the pictures and motivated by the stories. There is just something about Indiana and especially Clinton County that simply calls us home. We certainly hope you feel at home with us here in Clinton County, where we love to live, work and play!


Shan Sheridan
Clinton County Economic Development Director and Chamber CEO

Clinton County Courthouse


Clinton County is home to a variety of historic homes, modern homes, rural homes, and everything in between including upscale apartment living right in downtown Frankfort.  Clinton County’s historic homes and gardens are fascinating places waiting to welcome guests in a score of ways. They are not just old; they are always evolving to serve a contemporary purpose. They are not just buildings; they are also repositories of amazing artifacts and collections. And they are not just museums; they are places to visit, eat, shop, stay, get married, hold an event, or make a movie. 

Clinton County’s rural location is unique in that fact it is rural but in the middle of it all!  Only minutes from three major metro area and 45 minutes to Indianapolis International Airport, Clinton County living truly “has it all”.  The community is blessed with options for every budget.  Call one of Clinton County’s Realtors in this directory and make Clinton County your forever home!  


The businesses and organizations within Clinton County, Indiana, depend on their local communities — and the citizens within those communities — to survive and thrive. Sourcing local business is not just a trend or practice that has come to light because of the pandemic; it’s also an important step toward sustainable business and the overall health of the county’s economic wellbeing. Sustainable business development and a sustainable economy depend on balancing sales with the ability to maintain growth.


Grab a plate of goodness, try on the latest fashion trends and come smell the roses in Clinton County. Whether you are looking for a place to eat or wanting to buy that special person a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you can find it just steps away from one another that provides amazing customer service. Clinton County has a variety of venues, festivals and entertainment that will spark your interest. You can find many of these wonderful choices all around Clinton County in Michigantown, Mulberry, Colfax, Rossville, Kirklin and Frankfort!

Iron Block Coworking Studio

The Ironblock Coworking Studio is a new coworking space in Clinton County where new and young entrepreneurs can come work, develop and grow their ideas, launch their businesses, and network with other professionals in the community. The Ironblock is part of a statewide network of coworking studios. Membership provides a variety of perks, including space to work, 24/7 access, high-speed Internet, workshops and seminars, scheduled conference room use, and various networking opportunities.

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