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Just Launched! Grow Your Business with Krista Stillwell Coaching

You’re a business owner that spends every day problem-solving, navigating client and employee relationships, and then coming home to personal life and family demands. While you’ve gotten used to the rhythm of the pace and cadence of business ownership, you’re restless and yearning for balance in work/life, clarity of vision for what’s next, and aching for the growth you have always dreamed of.  This program, Fence Posts, is for you. It is designed to take you back to the structural foundations of your business, focusing on the things you likely never felt you had the time to do to begin with.
Krista Stillwell is a founding strategist of Stillwell+Co, a small business marketing and business strategy firm in central Indiana. Since 2015, Krista has helped countless business owners just like you to achieve practical growth in a sustainable fashion, moving multiple businesses from 6 figures to 7. She has also spent time with others creating systems around their marketing efforts that lead to long-term adoption and pride in the growth of their businesses. Krista enjoys taking you back to the heart of your brand – what your very original vision was long before you were beat down and tired by the hills and valleys of your business, life, and things out of your control.
Fence Posts launch the first week of April. Visit to learn more!