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Purdue Extension Office: Free Workplace Wellness Training

Purdue Extension has an interest in helping your business enhance the organizational environment, improve employee wellbeing, reduce workplace conflict, and increase productivity and quality of service.

We are offering assistance through a workshop training session.  If you are interested in hosting a training session for your employees, please complete the registration form survey found here: We will get in touch with you soon to provide you more information to share with your employees.

Please note: The training is free for all the employees as the cost is covered by Purdue University.

The training program is 1.5-2 hours long and will consist of three parts based on:

  1. Workplace communication
  2. Workplace conflict-resolution
  3. Employee wellbeing

Reason why we are offering this workshop/training:

Workplace conflict has real dollar and interpersonal costs. These costs include an average of 3 hours per employee dealing with conflict, poor morale, lack of effective decision making, harassment, and stress related medical issues. Previous research has ignored the fact that rural small businesses face increased problems related to workforce well-being and retention. Research has shown that worker productivity, quality of work, and worker retention is affected by workplace conflict and lack of employee wellbeing. This workshop will provide tools that can be used to improve organizational functionality and productivity.

For questions and more information, contact Caren N. Crum,, 765-659-6380 x1812

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