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Suicide Help Line

Suicide touches everyone—all ages and incomes; all racial, ethnic, and religious groups; and in all parts
of the country. The emotional toll on those left behind remains long after the event. In Indiana, more
people die every year by suicide than by homicide, and the overall rate of suicide continues to
dramatically climb. The statistics are alarming, and death by suicide is one of our state’s most
concerning health issues. Learn how to get help for yourself or a loved one and know the warning signs
and risk factors for suicide.
If you or someone you care about may be at risk for suicide please contact us.
• Call 317-621-5700 (option #1) for Community’s 24-hour crisis service.
• Call 988 for the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
• Text IN to 741741 to be connected right away to a trained mental health responder.
Learn how to better manage your Mental Health at: My Strength
1. Visit and click on “Sign Up.”
2. Enter the Access Code: CHN
3. Complete the myStrength sign-up process and personal profile