Clinton County Indiana

Clinton County Business Community

The businesses and organizations within Clinton County, Indiana, depend on their local communities — and the citizens within those communities — to survive and thrive. Sourcing local business is not just a trend or practice that has come to light because of the pandemic; it’s also an important step toward sustainable business and the overall health of the county’s economic wellbeing. Sustainable business development and a sustainable economy depend on balancing sales with the ability to maintain growth.

Your support of Clinton County’s local economy fosters a sense of community and pride when you source local businesses and support the organizations within our county. Whether that means buying your groceries locally or shopping for birthday presents at a brick and mortar in one of our towns instead of traveling outside of county lines — every penny counts and helps sustain our local purveyors.

Over the years, local support of our businesses and organizations has made a significant, positive impact on our communities. We have seen the impact that local investment has had on various sectors of the economy, including our education system, amenities, and beyond.  It is local, small business that supports youth sports, local not for profits, and provide the community with much needed employment opportunities for residents.  Thank you for thinking global and shopping local in Clinton County!

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